New Grant Opportunity: 1-2-3 GO Seeks Multidisciplinary Teams of Research Innovators

By Ben Boulden

Why 1-2-3 GO?

1-2-3 GO provides rapid distribution of seed funding to self-organized teams of three faculty members from at least two different academic units within the COM and/or faculty members from other UAMS colleges and UA system campuses, plus a student or trainee. Each team will use $75,000 in collective seed funding to develop preliminary data and demonstrate the success of the collaborative team prior to competing for more traditional funding.

Proposals developed for 1-2-3 GO are not evaluated through the traditional peer-review process, which tends to be biased against novel, interdisciplinary research. Rather, the team simply has to prove it has the expertise to perform the project. The review of the project comes from peers agreeing to invest their expertise and time in the collaborative team. A lottery drawing selects the winning teams, pursuant to available funding.

The hub for this grant program, the 1-2-3 GO website, enables the Project Lead to post a project and find potential collaborators for his/her team. The 1-2-3 GO website also serves as a matchmaking site for faculty to search for projects of interest to which they can contribute critical expertise as a team member.

Program Components

  • All active research faculty at UAMS and partnering UA campuses are entitled to a virtual voucher of $25,000 in value, redeemable upon project funding. Each campus provides voucher funding for their faculty with funded projects. A faculty member can only participate, and redeem their voucher, in a single project. Hence, each three-member team selected for funding receives $75,000 in 1-2-3 GO funding.
  • The Project Lead must be a UAMS faculty member.
  • 1-2-3 GO teams are comprised of three tenure/tenure-track faculty members from at least two different units. Units are defined as a COM department or division, other UAMS college, or other UA System campus.
  • Teams must consist of three faculty members who do not have a history of collaboration as evidenced by co-authored publications, or joint intramural or extramural funding.
  • The proposed line of investigation must be a new research project that has not previously received funding (intramural or extramural). Priority will be given to 1-2-3 GO teams proposing innovative ideas with commercial potential.
  • Project teams must include a trainee (graduate, medical or undergraduate student) with a defined and important contribution to the project. Faculty salaries are not an allowable expense. Projects must be completed within 12 months.
  • Teams will receive input from other innovative 1-2-3 GO teams at quarterly 1-2-3 GO all-team meetings.
  • Teams will engage in the FastPace Course offered by BioVentures in April 2021 to encourage development of early-stage discoveries funded by the program. (For information, contact Dr. Nancy Gray,

Application & Selection

Visit the 1-2-3 GO website for more information and to establish or join a team.

(You can also access 1-2-3 GO from the Intramural Grants Program page on the College of Medicine Office of Research website.)

The deadline for applications is March 1.

The College of Medicine Office of Research will review applications solely to determine eligibility and proof of expertise. BioVentures will review applications to evaluate commercial potential. Funding decisions will be announced on March 12.


Contact Information

Questions about the application process can be addressed to Ashley Gregory, MBA, program manager, UAMS College of Medicine Office of Research. (

Other inquiries can be directed to Nancy Rusch, PhD, COM Interim Executive Associate Dean for Research. (