OPC Bridge Closed for Emergency Project

By Ben Boulden

It is imperative UAMS get this issue handled immediately before the problem grows larger. There is also an asbestos abatement issue that will be resolved at the same time. This shut down will occur in phases shown here in this PDF.

The first phase (in blue) will take approximately four weeks from the start date of April 22. The second phase (in red) will take one week, and the third (in purple) will take two weeks. This will shut down ALL traffic through each area/phase completely. There will be barriers installed, but if anyone were to pass through those barriers, then they  would risk exposure to hazardous conditions.

These shut downs on the bridge will affect patients as well as employees that use that area to pass between buildings. Signs will be posted as well as detour routes. Please understand crews will be working as fast as they can to minimize the disruption. UAMS appreciates your patience.