HIPAA Annual Update Mandatory Training in My Compass Due Nov. 1

By Ben Boulden

Due to early spring enrollment periods, students who do not complete the training will receive enrollment holds beginning Oct. 15. Enrollment holds will be lifted once students complete the training.  This training is a requirement per Administrative Guide 2.1.15, HIPAA Education and Training Policy.

The 2021 HIPAA Annual Update helps ensure that UAMS protects the privacy and security of the health information of individuals, such as the health information of patients and individuals participating in research studies. All employees, faculty and students hired or enrolled before September 1 of this year must complete the 2021 HIPAA Annual Update.

On-line trainings, in My Compass are mostly compatible by using the Google Chrome Brower. If you have any problems accessing the training, send an email to OrganizationalDevelopment@uams.edu.