“Catching the Movement, Capturing Life” – The Arts of UAMS

By todd

August 4, 1998

(LITTLE ROCK, AR) The Arts of UAMS presents “Light and Motion,” an exhibit of photo collages on display through August 31, by Richard Theilig, head of circulation in the UAMS library. The exhibit, on the 2nd floor of the UAMS library, is open to the public at no charge. 
       Each piece begins when Theilig spots an intriguing site. Typically, the subject is something that catches his eye while he is out walking or driving. He envisions the final piece in his mind. When the right conditions strike, he uses his camera (with only natural light) to catch the moment. “I like spontaneity, the idea that the picture came out this way the first time. I have never gone back and retaken a scene,” says Theilig. 
       With anywhere from 30-75 prints (all 4 x 6) he searches for the perfect ones. He discards about half of the photos. He then layers the remaining prints so that each picture may be partially hidden, but none are cropped. Theilig has several reasons for leaving all of his original prints intact, but most of all he likes organization in his work. He really does not like odd shapes and feels if he cut the pictures some of the uniformity would be lost. This way, “Everything is in its own little box,” says Theilig. 
       The exhibit combines architectural structure and nature. Theilig is initially drawn to architectural settings with straight lines and 90-degree angles, but nature gives him a chance to get away from that.
David Hockney, a renowned British artist, stimulated Theilig’s interest in photo collage. Upon graduating from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with a photography degree in 1989, Theilig began creating his own photo collages. This exhibit represents about eight to 10 years of his work. 
       The Arts of UAMS promotes the talents of UAMS employees and students through exhibits and performances. Theilig’s exhibit is the first to be presented on the newly constructed display structure, he says he is getting a tremendous response. 

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