Patient Stories

Sandra Harvey & DJ Greenlee

Second Opinion Leads to Life-Saving Vascular Surgery

Sandra Harvey of Watts, Oklahoma, loves to cook for her husband and their seven grandchildren. She also loves to magnet fish, which is using a strong magnet to try and grab metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater. After a grim diagnosis in August from a Northwest Arkansas physician, she wasn’t sure whether she…

Lee Butler with her grandchildren, Emily and Andrew.

Scarless Hysterectomy Gives Sherwood Woman Peace of Mind

Lee Butler loves to garden. Her family and her neighbors all enjoy the abundant foliage of hosta plants and ferns as well as the blooms on the rose and azalea bushes surrounding her Sherwood home. “People ask me how I have time to make them all so beautiful. I tell them, “It didn’t start out…

“The staff at the UAMS Myeloma Center has always made me feel like they are concerned about my well-being and that I get the best of medical and bedside care available,” said Hosea Long of Little Rock, former associate vice chancellor and chief human resources officer, and a 20-year survivor of myeloma.

Retired UAMS HR Chief Shares Myeloma Journey through Blog

Hosea Long of Little Rock recently turned 70, a milestone that for most may seem unremarkable. After all, it was not the former UAMS employee’s 100th, 90th or even his 80th birthday. But it was inspiring and incredible for him and his loved ones. Long explained why in a recent entry titled “Tomorrow starts a…

Steadman playing Tennis

Hip Replacement at 30 Spurs New Mom to Adopt Active Lifestyle

When Jessica Steadman of Little Rock was told she’d need a double hip replacement at age 30, it felt like the end of the world. Seven years after surgery, not only is she thriving, but the experience taught her to appreciate and protect her health. Her hip pain came on suddenly in 2012 after the…

Henry Cloud, Ph.D.

Famed Author Henry Cloud Chooses UAMS for Knee Replacement

When New York Times Bestselling author Henry Cloud, Ph.D., decided to do something about his knee pain, he turned to UAMS. In addition to writing 45 books and serving as a consultant to CEOs and leadership teams, Cloud has always been physically active. The Los Angeles resident is an avid golfer and enjoys hiking and…

John Jansky, 27, credits the quick responses of the UAMS IDHI Stroke Program and Vital Link EMS of Izard County for his quick recovery from a stroke.

Timely Treatment Saves 27-Year-Old from Stroke

John Jansky was an unlikely candidate for a stroke. He does not smoke, have high blood pressure or any other contributing medical conditions. Jansky was also an unlikely stroke survivor because he lives in rural Pineville, Ark. – several miles from the nearest hospital. One Monday evening in December, Janksy got up from dinner with…

Dannelley and family portrait

Early Melanoma Diagnosis Leads to Positive Outcome for Young Mom

Achieving the perfect tan is a summertime goal for many young women. But for fair-skinned Kristi Dannelley, getting a golden glow was no easy task. That’s why she turned to tanning beds. “I spent hours in tanning beds as a teenager and in my early 20s,” said Dannelley, president of Magna IV in Little Rock….

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