Patient Stories

Laci, Cole and Rickie Bratton sit on a porch swing at their Monticello home.

Monticello Couple Welcome Baby with Help of Fertility Specialist

When Cole Benjamin Bratton was born in January, he was screaming at the top of his lungs. That is exactly what his parents hoped he would do. Married in 2008, Laci and Rickie Bratton knew they wanted to be parents. After two years of trying and no pregnancy, they decided to see a fertility specialist….

Myeloma Center patient Gail Naimo of Port St. Lucie, Fla., (right) encouraged fellow myeloma patient Sergio Pinango and his wife Blanca Nieto (left) to seek treatment at UAMS. He did and today is in remission with no evidence of the disease.

Florida-based Friendship Transcends, Through Sickness and Health

A Facebook friendship that formed over an illness in common proved lifesaving for a Florida man who found what he needed at the UAMS Myeloma Center. Myeloma Center patient Gail Naimo of Port St. Lucie, Fla. met fellow Floridians Sergio Pinango, 56, and his wife, Blanca Nieto, 50, on a myeloma Facebook page five years…

McAlister posing for photo with family

Study May Bring Options for Children with Tourette Syndrome

Barrett McAlister hopes an ongoing clinical trial at UAMS can help establish a new treatment for Tourette syndrome in children so they can focus on being kids, playing and learning, without worrying about being “different.” “If they’ve got a chance at a normal life, I say take it,” McAlister said. “Take it with both hands.”…

Lowetta Bishop says she's glad she chose UAMS for her cancer treatments.

Colorectal Cancer Patient Says UAMS Saved Her Life

When a doctor told Lowetta Bishop she had colorectal cancer, she told him he was wrong. “I’d gone to my family doctor for a regular visit, I told him I’d experienced bleeding, but not often. We both agreed it was probably hemorrhoids,” Bishop said. “We scheduled a colonoscopy and the doctor there told me it…

Hundreds of families attended the annual NICU Reunion held April 13 at UAMS Medical Center.

Former Preemies Return to UAMS NICU for Fun and Games

Nurses and neonatologists who work in the NICU say it’s an exciting time for them to see how much the children have grown since they left the NICU, whether it was 3 months ago or decades ago. About 200 families and UAMS staff attended the annual NICU Reunion held April 13 at UAMS Medical Center….

Valerie Hutchens sees Martin Radvany, M.D. for a follow-up appointment.

Physician Treats Rare Cerebrovascular Disease, Restores Patient’s Vision

The first thing Valerie Hutchens noticed when she woke up in the recovery room after surgery was how much clearer the voices around her sounded. “I can hear you!” she said to her surgeon, Martin Radvany, M.D., UAMS interventional neuroradiologist. Among the myriad of symptoms Hutchens experienced with idiopathic intracranial hypertension was a constant whooshing…

The Haupt Family donates $6,000 to the UAMS NICU Tiny Hands Support Fund.

Greenbrier Family Makes Donation to UAMS NICU

The feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed Micah Haupt as she stepped off the elevator in the UAMS Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) Her husband, Will, held their 1-year-old son, Hayes. Hutch, 4, followed along. The family had not been in the NICU since Hayes was discharged last year after a 93-day stay. They were…

CJ Johnson visits David Bumpass, M.D. for a follow-up months after surgery.

Football Player Recovers from Cervical Spine Trauma

The Arkansas Tech Wonderboys defeated Southeastern Oklahoma State Oct. 27, 2018, ending a four-game losing streak and marking the first time in 26 years the Wonderboys defeated the Savage Storm on the road. With 46.5 seconds left in the game, the Savage Storm still had a chance to win. They were within scoring range on…

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