Patient Stories

Sandra Tindall

Weeks After Major Surgery, Fitness Enthusiast is Back in the Gym

Sandra Tindall loves the group classes at the Ottenheimer Therapy and Fitness Center in the Donald W. Reynold Institute on Aging. On Jan. 28, 2020, Tindall was running late to yoga, one of her favorite classes. “I wasn’t paying attention. I tripped on the fire door seal and hit the floor,” Tindall said. “I landed…

Amanda Craver

Kangaroo Care Promotes Growth, Bonding

While so many things have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of skin-to-skin time for moms and their preemies is still strong. Kangaroo Care, the name for skin-to-skin contact with a preterm baby, has a positive physical that goes beyond strengthening a bond, researchers say. “In the best of circumstances, Kangaroo care provides…

Anthony Freeman

Kidney Transplant Changes Life of Former High School Athlete

Anthony Freeman was a star athlete when he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure at age 15. The then-ninth grader from Gravel Ridge took a physical examination as required for all members of the football team, when the examiner discovered his blood pressure was dangerously high. “I was probably showing symptoms before,” Freeman said. “But…

Collage of Foote, Petersen, Renard and Wolter

Spinal Cord Stimulator Improves Chronic Pain 95%

The first thing Michael Foote, 48, can remember is the pain. One second, he was reaching to re-arrange cargo in the back of his truck while stopped under an overpass during a rainstorm, his wife holding onto his beltloop to steady him. The next thing he knew, he was rolling across concrete in incredible pain….

A recent live online town hall, held in conjunction with Patient Power, featured UAMS Myeloma Center physicians, nurses and social workers who shared information with 340 myeloma patients from across the nation and world.

Myeloma Center, Patient Power Host Webinar for Patients Across Nation and World

A recent live online town hall featuring UAMS Myeloma Center physicians, nurses and social workers shared information with 340 myeloma patients from across the nation and world. “Creating Your Own Myeloma Roadmap: From Diagnosis to Survivorship” was originally scheduled to be held both in person and online, but was changed to be held through a…

Portrait of Jackie Jones

No Pain, No Recovery Time, No Scar after New Hysterectomy Surgery

Jackie Jones has had surgery before, so she thought she knew what to expect. But when Alexander F. Burnett, M.D., performed her hysterectomy as part of her endometrial cancer treatment, Jones was shocked. “I almost accused him of not doing anything,” said Jones, 67, of Cabot. There was no pain. No scar. She was able…

“I was just so thankful I had a place that I could come to for help,” says Lessie Credeur of Sunset,Louisiana. The mother of six and grandmother 14 diagnosed with myeloma five years ago and is now in remission. The 59-year-old recently celebrated that success with a Seed of Hope ceremony.

Louisiana Matriarch Leans on Faith, Family, Friends in Fighting Myeloma

Lessie Credeur’s big, Cajun clan is the heart of the home she shares with husband, Clint, near Lafayette, Louisiana. The stay-at-home mother of six, now enjoying the next generation of her extended family, savors time with her 14 grandchildren, ranging from 16 years to 4 months. “We have 11 girls and three boys and we…

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