Arts of UAMS Features Nurse’s Photographs March 1 – April 30

By todd

The Arts of UAMS exhibit, “Nature and Man at its Best,” is a collection of photos that feature picturesque sites Stovall has visited throughout the United States. The exhibit is free and open to the public. For library hours, call (501) 686-5980.

“My pursuit into photography has given me the pleasures of capturing many photographic images and creating memories for others and myself,” explained Stovall, who works in the Interventional Radiology Division at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. “Although my love for natural landscapes will always be my favorite, photographing children at play and using my skills for the remembrance of family reunions have also given much pleasure, along with new challenges in photography.”

Stovall’s love for photography started several years ago when she bought her first 35 mm camera, a Cannon T70, which she still owns today. She said that this was a good starter camera for learning the many manual settings, along with automatic functions of a 35 mm SLR camera. From there, she continued to study photography from various readings and by examining the work of other photographers. Her current camera is a 35 mm Cannon Elan 7 with a 58 mm lens, 28-80 range and 13 custom functions, which allow her to do more creative work. She also contributes some of her knowledge of different techniques to Dr. C. James and Dr. B. Greenberg, who are her best critics.