Photographs of Flowers by UAMS Professor Through Oct. 31

By todd

The Arts of UAMS exhibit, “Flowers,” is free and open to the public. For library hours, call (501) 686-5980.

Nowak received her master’s of science degree in biochemistry from the University of Poznan in Poznan, Poland, and her Ph.D. in physiology from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Nowak said she has always been fascinated by flowers ever since she was young.

“When I look at the very first photographs of me taken by my parents, I see a little girl sitting in the grass and picking flowers,” she said. “I still remember the excitement of the first warm days of spring when I looked for the first flower of the year.”

Nowak said she combined her passion for flowers with her photography skills to create the photographs in the exhibit. “Visiting various gardens in the United States has been one of the greatest pleasures during my private and business trips,” she said. “I always find time for this and never leave without a couple of good pictures, regardless of how small the garden is.”

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