A Healthy New Attitude

By kelly

John and Kim before UAMS Weight Loss Program

John and Kim Lazarich after weight loss

John and Kim Lazarich after UAMS Weight Loss Program

When John and Kim Lazarich returned from a trip to Europe, they didn’t like what they saw in their pictures. They loved looking at the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, but they weren’t happy with their appearance.

When Kim saw the pictures, she decided she needed to make changes. She considered having weight loss surgery, but John learned that his business associates had success with the UAMS weight loss program. John didn’t think that a surgical procedure was the answer, so they decided to look further into UAMS’ program.

They started the program June 2011 and have each lost about 40 pounds since then. Both had tried other weight loss programs before with varying degrees of success but nothing like the success they have enjoyed with UAMS’ program.

“I was impressed with the holistic approach of the program,” John said. “Everyone has been willing to listen and evaluate.” Staff members are on call for the participants whenever they need assistance or information. UAMS weight loss program participants also have regular checkups with doctors to ensure that they don’t have any other medical problems and are in good health.

Even though John and Kim started the program together, they each took a different approach. UAMS was able to tailor the program to fit their needs, goals and lifestyle. The program can be individualized so that the participant can get the best benefits and have the best success long term.

“I learned that I had to take charge, and I couldn’t allow my environment to dictate what I eat and to make me happy.”

Classes are offered to help participants learn behavior and nutrition modification. “The classes have made a huge difference,” Kim said. Not only has she been able to learn a lot, but they have also given her a way to connect with people who are on the same weight loss journey. She said the interaction has helped all of them to avoid unhealthy triggers. “We know when we stumble, and there’s no judgment.”

In addition, Kim and John are both more active, exercising at least an hour six days a week. John also is an avid baseball player, and after the weight started coming off, he could definitely tell a difference in his endurance.

Both John and Kim saw immediate results on the scales. In the first 16 weeks participating in the program, they both saw the bulk of their weight come off.

“I learned that I had to take charge, and I couldn’t allow my environment to dictate what I eat and to make me happy,” she said. “It’s a daily challenge. It’s a journey, not a destination.”

With John and Kim sharing the same goal, it was easier for them to succeed. “We did it differently and worked at it differently, but we had the same goal. We were supportive but not critical,” Kim said. John added that with a shared goal, it’s been far easier for them to succeed.

The weight loss caused Kim to take a new approach to her appearance. Before losing the weight she wore nothing that clung to her body. “Why would you want to dress up when you don’t feel good about yourself?” she asked. “The biggest reward for me has been feeling good about myself.”

And the most rewarding part for John? It hasn’t been improving his baseball game or buying new clothes; as a husband, he said it’s simply been seeing his wife happy.

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