Medical Showcase Highlights Grant-Funded Research

By ChaseYavondaC

The research featured at the reception in the 10th floor lobby of the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute covered a range of topics, including nutrition’s role in improving physical function in geriatric heart failure patients, translational training in addiction, and neuropathic pain in pregnancy.

UAMS Showcase Medical Discoveries

Robert McGehee, Ph.D., dean of the UAMS Graduate School, addresses the audience at the Showcase.

“We are happy to see such a diverse offering of research featured,” said Lawrence Cornett, Ph.D., UAMS vice chancellor for research. “Our main goal is to continue to stimulate future collaboration and research through these cordial gatherings of researchers and scientists.”

The next Showcase in June will highlight plant-based chemicals and treatments.

Posters at the showcase used text and graphics to portray the conclusions of months of work. The projects represented were:

  • Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology

Phillip R. Mayeux, Ph.D.

  • Preclinical Evaluation of the Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor, Rolipram, in an Infant Model of Sepsis-Induced Cardiorenal Syndrome

Clark R. Sims

  • Dietary Antioxidants Counteract Ethanol-Induced Morphological Changes in Bones of Female Mice

Alex W. Alund

  • Neuropathic Pain in Pregnancy

Shona L. Ray-Griffith, M.D., Pedro Delgado, M.D., Everett P. Magann, M.D., and Zachary N. Stowe, M.D.

  • Intracellular Mechanisms Modulating Gamma Band Activity in the Pedunculopontine Nucleus

Brennon R. Luster, F.J. Urbano and E. Garcia-Rill, Ph.D.

  • Diversity Outbred Mice Indicate Idiosyncratic Drug-Induced Liver Injury Potential

Lascelles Lyn-Cook, Jr., Daniel M. Gatti, Shaoke Luo, Gary A. Churchill, Ph.D. and Alison H. Harrill, Ph.D.

  • An Exploratory Sequential Study to Develop an Assessment of Factors Influencing Implementation of Best Nutrition Practices among Early Childhood Educators

Taren Swindle, Ph.D., Zachary Patterson, Carrie Boden-McGill, Ph.D., Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, Ed.D., and Wendy Ward, Ph.D.

  • Nutritional Approaches to Improve Physical Function in Geriatric Heart Failure Patients

Bryce Marquis, Ph.D.

  • Translational Training in Addiction

G. Andrew James, Ph.D., and Clint Kilts, Ph.D.

  • Perceived Social Support and Socioeconomic Status Predict Maternal Delay Discounting Behavior and Neural Function in Healthy Postpartum Women

Lisa K. Brents,Ph.D., Jonathan Young, Bettina T. Knight, Jessica L. Coker, M.D., Shona L. Ray-Griffith, M.D., Zachary N. Stowe, M.D., G. Andrew James, Ph.D., and Clint D. Kilts, Ph.D.

  • Does Proteasome Activation Damage Mitochondria During Renal Cold Storage Plus Transplantation?

Nirmala Parajuli, Ph.D. and Lee Ann MacMillan-Crow, Ph.D.

  • Association of an EMT with Aggressive Vulvar Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Emily Holthoff