April 21, 2016

Capstone Celebration Marks Clinical Beginning for Audiology Students

April 21, 2016 | The Doctor of Audiology program’s class of 2017 marked the conclusion of its academic chapter and the beginning of its clinical stage with the donning of a white coat at the department’s Capstone Celebration ceremony.

“This marks an important part of our students’ journey,” said Nannette Nicholson, Ph.D., professor and interim chair of the Department of Audiology in the UAMS College of Health Professions, “a transition from academia to a one-year, full-time clinical externship.”

UAMS Audiology

From left to right: Tessa Menchaca, Mary Elizabeth Crigler, Abby Smith, Stacey Kolb, Sarah Benton, Elissa Honea, Andrea Knapp, Carrie Eaton and Rose Dockery.

Department faculty and staff, clinical preceptors, family and friends gathered April 8 at UAMS to witness the nine members of the 2017 class slip into their white coats. Earlier in the day, the students presented their research on a wide range of topics, including infant hearing decisions, listening times and conditions in elementary school classrooms, and the ability to hear sirens while driving with headphones.

“It’s a simple garment, it’s a coat, but it’s what that coat symbolizes that is important,” said Susan Long, Ph.D., associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Health Professions. “It’s your entry to patient care, it emphasizes the importance of professionalism and reflects your sense of calling.”

The class recited the Audiology Oath, which calls on them to do their best for their patients through collaboration and treatment while continuing to expand their knowledge and skills.

The Doctor of Audiology degree is offered through a collaboration of the College of Health Professions and the College of Education and Health Professions at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The collaboration between the two universities provides a unique educational and training experience for the students.

“This program serves as a good example of the type of collaboration that is possible when our institutions strive to meet local, state and national needs,” said Shannon Collier-Tenison, associate dean for undergraduate programs in the UALR College of Education and Health Professions.