UAMS Moves Closer to Vision 2029 Strategic Plan

By Jon Parham

The retreat gathered representatives from the UAMS clinical, education and research missions, along with two UAMS students and a group of external stakeholders at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute in Morrilton. Over the course of the event, participants were divided into three groups and rotated through a series of sessions that allowed for discussion and feedback while crafting a series of long-range goals in clinical care, education and research; possible strategies for achieving those goals; and measures for gauging success at achieving those goals.

“This long-range planning process focuses us on our statewide commitment to improving health and health care in a lasting way,” said UAMS Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., M.B.A. “We also seek to engage our employees in a vision to advance the science of health in Arkansas in the years to come.”

At the beginning of the retreat, the participants received information and data garnered internally and externally during the initial part of the planning process. Premier Inc., a consulting firm, presented an external market analysis of the health care environment, anticipated trends and opportunities. The HR Organizational Development team presented the results of interviews of more than 60 UAMS leaders, internal focus groups, hundreds of employees who responded to a survey or attended one of six town hall meetings. The internal report included perceived UAMS strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats based on the interview results.

Following the presentations, the groups split up to draft strategic objectives based on the information. Each group rotated through the other two mission areas to review and offer feedback on each other’s strategic objectives.

“The feedback and information given by Team UAMS through the interviews and town hall meetings was brought to the retreat and helped drive the formulation of strategic goals,” said Stephanie Gardner, Pharm.D., Ed.D., senior vice chancellor and provost. “But the Strategic Planning process did not end with the retreat. We are halfway through a process that will culminate when we release the final plan next June.”

A draft plan is being developed based on the results of the retreat. The draft will be vetted and fine-tuned in a multi-step review. Committees from each mission area will meet to review the draft of the strategy and offer feedback.