August MVP — Zina Kidd

By Yavonda Chase

Zina is a patient relations representative in the Appointment Business Center who has been a member of Team UAMS for 23 years. Her kindness and compassion are evident to everyone she interacts with.

Her nominator, Amber Daugherty, sang her praises:

“Zina’s job involves rescheduling patients for appointments after their physicians have had a change in schedule, which can pose an inconvenience for the patient at times. Zina handles every call with patience, kindness and respect.

In fact, our department started a Kindness Matters certificate program to recognize when an employee goes the extra step with a patient after the managers overheard recorded phone calls between Zina and patients where Zina’s kindness truly shined. One of the calls was with a patient who was very agitated about a schedule change. Zina went the extra mile to show the patient empathy, and by the end of the call the patient was thanking Zina for calling him that day, even though the schedule change was a disruption for him.

She is also highly respected by all the staff she works with, serving as a go to amongst her co-workers because she is always willing to share knowledge and encouragement. She truly is a gem to UAMS.”

Check out Zina’s Faces of UAMS video.

Nominations are now being accepted for the September MVP. Any employee can nominate someone, and all employees are eligible to be nominated. The nomination form is available online or paper copies can be picked up in the Office of Communications & Marketing in Ward Tower next to Doc Java.