UAMS Recycling Day Proves to be a Big Hit

By Yavonda Chase

As maintenance coordinator in Campus Operations’ Sustainability Services, Yancy had a big role in planning and executing UAMS Recycling Day on Aug. 19.

“Recycling is such an easy thing we can do for our planet,” he said. “I’m glad I work at a place that puts value on sustainability efforts.”

Employees, students and members of the community were invited to bring paper, glass and small electronics to drop off for recycling. Special Shredsmart bins were also on hand for people who wanted their important documents shredded.

“We had a great response,” said Yancy. “We heard from a lot of people how much they appreciated us making this available to them.”

About 50 cars took advantage of the dropoff option on Campus Drive, he said, while another 20 to 25 people walked up with items to recycle or shred.

“The electronics recycling was very popular,” Yancy said, with three large Gaylord boxes full of those items. People brought in televisions, laptops, cellphones, radios and other items.

Tonya Robinson, an executive assistant in College of Public Health, took advantage of the paper recycling and shredding option.

“I am so grateful to UAMS for providing us this opportunity,” she said as she sorted through her papers.

Yancy predicted the glass recycling would be a big draw at future events.

“A lot of people didn’t realize we had the glass recycling option at this one,” he said. “But I think now that people know they have somewhere to bring their glass, it will have a stronger impact at our next events.”

The next Recycling Day will be in November.