UAMS Offers Payroll Deduction for Medical Bills

By Yavonda Chase

The process to sign up is simple.

Upon receiving a billing statement from UAMS, the employee needs to call (501) 614-2160 to speak to a customer service representative about setting up payroll deduction for the bill. The customer service rep will send the employee an Employee Payroll Deduction form that includes the total balance, the minimum monthly payment, the date of service, and the billing number and balance for each visit.

The employee simply needs to review the form, complete the bottom portion, sign and return it — a process that authorizes an amount to be taken from each paycheck. Employees can also choose this option to pay for care received by family members.

If a new bill is received, the employee much contact a customer service representative to get that additional amount added to the deduction.

“The process doesn’t occur automatically because the employee has to authorize the amount to be deducted,” said Julie Perdue, a customer service manager in the UAMS Single Billing Office.

The payroll deduction option isn’t available if the account is in arrears and has been deemed bad debt, said Debbie Tyler, assistant director of operations. “That is why it is so important for employees to contact us immediately upon receiving their statement, so that we can help them with all their payment options.”