Rho Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma to Meet Challenging Year Head On; New Members Named

By Ben Boulden

Madison Green is the new president of the college’s Beta Iota Chapter of The Rho Chi Honor Society. The society’s members are the top 20% of students in academic performance.

“It’s about promoting and recognizing intellectual achievement,” Green said. “Faculty members are inducted, too, as faculty members. Recently, it’s been reaching out beyond its membership with different activities. Those are focused on academics but benefitting all students.”

One way is through recitation workshops, which Green said the society plans to move online. As part of second- and third-year therapeutics courses, students have to present cases of patients, diagnose them and come up with medication treatment plans. In a typical year, students would present these “recitations” to their peers and professors in person. This fall, the course will be online, and Green said Rho Chi’s workshops will be too.

The society hasn’t had a social media presence in past years, Green said, but Rho Chi will start and maintain a Facebook group and an Instagram account to better connect members and other students.

Similarly, the new president of Phi Lambda Sigma, third-year student Michael Kramer, said the student society he leads is working with another student organization to put together an online workshop focused on job interviewing skills and how to create an appealing curriculum vitae.

He said although scholastic achievement is an aspect of the Phil Lambda Sigma’s mission, its chief concern is recognizing and fostering leadership skills.

“If you want to be in it and work hard enough, then you can be in it,” Kramer said. “With Phi Lambda Sigma, other people appoint you to be a member. It’s peer recognition of leadership qualities you have. Being a leader is practical and in person. It’s going to be challenging to determine how to go about leadership when you’re not physically present. UAMS and every organization is going to be constantly changing this year.”

In addition to Kramer, the new officers and members of Phi Lambda Sigma for 2020-2021 are:

Vice President: Leah Evans

Treasurer: Kate Bellingrath

New Members

  • Samuel Bonney
  • Allison Booth
  • Brittany Butterfield
  • Callie Clement
  • Sarah Covert
  • Bailey Garner
  • Brooke Lessenberry
  • Hayley Louks
  • Isabelle Lykens
  • Ryan Marks
  • Emily Martof
  • Taylor McClanahan
  • Alex Moore
  • Kayla Schapp
  • Marina Swanson
  • Ashlyn Tedder


In addition to Madison Green, the new officers and members of Rho Chi for 2020-2021 are:

Vice President: Mackenzie Tate

Secretary: Rachel Senn

Treasurer: Michael Kramer

Historian: Rachel Murray

Service Chair: Cayley McCollough

New Members (Class of 2022)

  • Brooke Lessenberry
  • Alex Moore
  • Alexis Pace
  • Lillie Pham
  • Rianna Rea
  • Laiken Sorrells

Class of 2021

  • Laura Bolt
  • Matthew Calhoun
  • Katelyn Callaway
  • Peyton Cashion
  • Catherine Halloran
  • Catherine Jensen
  • James Murphy
  • Maddison Schuller

Dean Cindy Stowe, Pharm.D., also was inducted in the spring as a faculty member of Rho Chi.