Consulate of Mexico Honors UAMS MammoVan

By Susan Van Dusen

The UAMS mobile mammography unit regularly visits the Consulate of Mexico to provide screening mammograms for women in the Hispanic community. On their most recent visit, 20 women received mammograms aboard the MammoVan. The consulate is located on University Avenue.

Mammovan ceremony

Consul of Mexico Rodolfo Quilantan Arenas (right) joins representatives from the UAMS MammoVan (left to right) Kendra Pippins, Crystal Smith, Anita Bucur, Gwendolyn Bryant-Smith, M.D., Heather Kindy, Kenzie Hannah and Arabinda Choudhary, M.D.

“It’s important to recognize the work UAMS provides to the Hispanic community, especially during the pandemic. UAMS has been in close connection with the Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock since it was established in 2007, and we rely on UAMS’ guidance and support,” Quilantan Arenas said.

The recognition comes during Binational Health Week, one of the largest mobilization efforts to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Hispanic population that lives in the United States and Canada.

“The ability to receive high-quality breast cancer screenings is important not only to women, but also to their entire family. By working together with the Consulate of Mexico, the UAMS MammoVan is able to provide this vital service for the Hispanic community in a location that is convenient and accessible,” said Arabinda Choudhary, M.D., chair of the UAMS Department of Radiology.

Gwendolyn Bryant-Smith, M.D., serves as director of the UAMS Mobile Mammography program, as well as division director of Breast Imaging and director of the UAMS Breast Center.

The Consulate of Mexico in Little Rock is one of 50 Mexican consulates in the United States and is an official branch of the Mexican government.