November MVP — Keira Webb

By Yavonda Chase

Webb works as a Campus Environmental Services housekeeper, a position she has only held for a few months. In that time, she has impressed her co-workers with her diligence and attention to detail.

Here is what her nominator had to say:

Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, presents Keira Webb with the November MVP of the Month award.

Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, presents Keira Webb with the November MVP of the Month award.

“Keira is an outstanding person. She walks on our floor every day with a huge smile on her face and greets everyone with a genuine hello. She does her regular cleaning duties but goes above and beyond.

Many pathologists saw her cleaning the walls of our hallway, vacuuming and moving furniture around to ensure she hadn’t missed a spot, asking permission to get into rooms to clean and dust, and making sure every area is left spotless. She also brought from home her own room spray and walks around spritzing the rooms, again with the biggest smile on her face. Our department cannot say enough how much we love having Keira in our area.

Keira no doubt makes sure her areas at UAMS are spotless and better than they have ever been before. She understands the impact have having a clean work space. Everyone benefits from Keira’s presence. Staff have reached out asking we send a shout out to her supervisor, the medical students have commented on how clean our floor and bathrooms are compared to the rest of the building, and patients benefit because our pathologists are no longer have to clean and tidy up their own areas. Every day Kiera goes above and beyond — we have even caught her cleaning the air vents, baseboards, ceilings and doorknobs.”

Want to learn more about Webb? Check out her Faces of UAMS video.

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