UAMS Opens Outdoor Fitness Court

By Spencer Watson

The court is a partnership with UAMS and the National Fitness Campaign. Pedestrian access approaches from the east.

“This new addition to the UAMS campus is meant to be a benefit not only to our employees and students, but the entire community,” said Natalie Cannady, UAMS chief wellness officer.

For now, the Fitness Court is open only to Team UAMS members. Once construction on the new energy plant is completed and the rerouting of Pine and Cedar is complete, the public will be invited to use the court, Cannady said.

The Fitness Court is a concept designed by the National Fitness Campaign. It includes more than 30 pieces of body-weight equipment with which users can get a full-body workout. It is designed to be accessible by people of any fitness level for a fast, thorough workout.

The court includes seven different zones, each meant to target different muscles groups. Each zone can be used for more than one body-weight exercise, depending on desired difficulty, so each user can tailor a workout to his or her specific fitness level.

For a complete overview of the Fitness Court, visit The website includes a free app that includes coaching, programming and fitness tracking tools specifically for court users.

“Getting regular, moderate exercise is practically a universal recommendation for improving your health, and is an essential part of healthy living,” said Cannady. “The Fitness Court offers everyone the opportunity to engage in whatever level of activity they’re comfortable with, which is a first step in living a longer, healthier life.”

Construction of the court was supported by a $30,000 grant from the National Fitness Campaign.

“We are so thankful to the National Fitness Campaign for their support,” Cannady said.