January MVP — Sharon Martin

By Ben Boulden

Sharon is a research coordinator for the UAMS Rural Research Network within the Translational Research Institute (TRI). This is what her nominator has to say:

Sharon Martin, left, minutes after being surprised by UAMS Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, who presented to her the MVP award for January.

Sharon Martin, left, minutes after being surprised by UAMS Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, who told her she was the university’s MVP for the Month for January.Image by Lara Woloszyn

Sharon is based at UAMS East Regional Campus, Helena-West Helena. On Nov. 4, she was calling potential research participants about a UAMS diabetes study.

In one of her calls, an elderly woman in Little Rock said she and her two dogs were freezing and began to cry. She was without insulin, her home’s gas had been shut off due to a leak that she could not afford to fix, and she was hungry, with no way to cook or heat food. She also recently lost her husband and mother.

Although 120 miles away, Sharon marshalled her personal network to quickly deliver food, a microwave and a space heater. A contractor is repairing the gas leak at no cost. Sharon has visited in person and calls her twice a week.

A former UAMS East employee, Sharon has a history of helping our patients with food, etc. She has delivered groceries from the UAMS main campus to senior citizens many times, and she rallied our staff to help a single father in need with his little girls.

Sharon is an exceptional employee, and she burnishes UAMS’ reputation through her goodwill. Her actions exemplify UAMS’ value system and service to all Arkansans.
Sharon’s role is mission critical.

Want to learn more about Sharon Martin? Check out her Faces of UAMS video.

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