College of Pharmacy Celebrates Third-Year Students at Pinning Ceremony

By Karmen Robinson

At the virtual ceremony, the Class of 2022 received pins to signify their transition from in-class instruction to direct patient care as they enter their fourth and final year of pharmacy school.

“This is a significant achievement for our third-year students, and we are incredibly proud of them,” said Cindy Stowe, Pharm.D., dean of the College of Pharmacy (COP). “Because of the pandemic, they’ve had a very unique educational experience that has prepared them even more for this last step towards graduation.”

Third-year students in the college were given the opportunity to learn through a real-world lens during the pandemic, administering tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines to the community. As upcoming fourth-year students, the Class of 2022 will receive hands-on experience and begin advanced practice rotations to participate in various types of patient care while applying skills and knowledge they’ve gained during their three years of didactic coursework.

Brent Curry, Pharm.D., as he delivers the keynote address to the UAMS College of Pharmacy Class of 2022.

Brent Curry, Pharm.D., as he delivers the keynote address to the UAMS College of Pharmacy Class of 2022.

“Rotations are such a reward for the journey you have been on,” said Brent Curry, Pharm.D., the keynote speaker for the ceremony. Curry is a first-year pharmacy resident at Arkansas Children’s as well as a COP alumnus. Having been in their shoes just a couple years ago, Curry provided the student pharmacists with firsthand knowledge of what their rotations would be like and encouraged them to embrace the year ahead.

“I can promise you that over the next year there is one thing you should never feel, and that is alone. The bonds you have formed with your classmates will remain strong no matter how far rotations seem to spread you apart, and your faculty and preceptors will always be there along the way to offer advice and support.”

Fourth-year pharmacy student Gabriella Nepomuceno called the name of each student during the pinning portion of the event. Some students placed their pins on their white coats, while others were pinned by family members, friends, classmates or UAMS faculty.

The pinning ceremony was sponsored by the Arkansas Pharmacists Association. The association’s CEO, John Vinson, Pharm.D., is a COP alumnus and attended the ceremony to welcome and congratulate the students.

Watch the ceremony recording here.

College of Pharmacy Class of 2022

Katherine Angel

D.J. Applehans

Katie Beight

Kate Bellingrath

Anna Bolding

Stewart Bridger

Michelle Briere

Shelby Burchfield

Mary Anne Burlette

Kent Chamberlain

Callie Clement

Krista Cortez

Mackenzie Daugherty

Kyle Davis

Anna DeLoach

Clayton Dickerson

Keith Dickson

Paisley Emerson

Leah Evans

Shane Farmer

Julie Feimster

Bailey Garner

Christopher Godwin

Noah Graves

Madison Green

Kelsey Grill

Payton Hanby

Jonathan Hardage

Sabrina Hardy

David Harless

Wyatt Harness

Kenson Ho

Bailey Holloway

Brandon Huber

Jessica Hunter

Kristin Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Chris Kelley

Michael Kramer

Jason Lam

Lauren Lay

Bobby Le

Brooke Lessenberry

Jonathan Lott

Emily Martof

Rachel McAllister

Taylor McClanahan

Cayley McCollough

Garrett McLaurin

Jessica Mills

Mackenzie Mohler

Alex Moore

Megan Moore

Alexis Morgan

Rachel Murray

Tavin Nguyen

Alexis Pace

Stefan Paic

Bijal Patel

Lillie Pham

Carina Phouthakhio

Kristin Price

Lara Rains

Rianna Rea

Isabelle Reaves

Mackenzie Reinhart

Stephanie Rivas

David Roberts

Austin Sayyar

Caroline Scott

Savanna Scott

Alex Seevers

Rachel Senn

Russell Sharp

Samantha Smith

Emily Smock

Laiken Sorrells

Brooke Steinbeck

Kaitlin Stuff

Nathan Taylor

Ashlyn Tedder

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