UAMS Now ‘Official Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Provider’ for Razorbacks

By Ben Boulden

On Jan. 1, the two partnered to provide comprehensive care for 465+ Razorback student-athletes and daily medical coverage to all 19 Razorback sport programs.

That means advanced care ranging from sports medicine trained primary care physicians and sports medicine trained orthopaedic physicians as well as first-class hospital and surgical services. For six months now, the UAMS care team has been working in conjunction with the Razorback Athletics Sports Medicine staff on a daily basis.

UAMS currently has Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine clinics in northwest and central Arkansas dedicated to treating athletes and community patients alike.

The four-year agreement between UAMS and Razorback Athletics runs through Dec. 31, 2024. Click here to view the announcement video and visit for more information.