Brain Imaging Research Center Installs New MRI Scanner

By Tim Taylor

To maintain its cutting-edge research efforts, the Brain Imaging Research Center replaced its current Philips 3T Achieva magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner Monday, Sept. 13 with a new Siemens 3T Prisma MRI scanner, capable of imaging brain function and structure with improved spatial and temporal resolution.

“Today what you’re seeing is really a great moment for UAMS and the people and state of Arkansas,” said Clint Kilts, Ph.D., director of the Helen L. Porter and James T. Dyke Brain Imaging Research Center at UAMS.


MRI installation at PRI, video screenshot

Click on the still image above to watch video of the installation as Clint Kilts explains more about the new MRI scanner and what it means for brain research.Video by Evan Lewis

A wall of the BIRC was removed to allow the new scanner, which weighs 13 tons, to be set in place with a crane. The new Siemens 3T Prisma MRI scanner will be the first of its kind on UAMS’ campus, dedicated entirely to human research activities.

The scanner will enable the Brain Imaging Research Center’s extramurally funded research initiatives, which include modeling long-term consequences of childhood maltreatment on brain function and cognition; using rapid “real-time” brain imaging to study root causes of mood disorders; and understanding changes in brain function which promote recovery from opioid addiction.