UAMS Family Wellness Program Graduates First Fatherhood FIRE Participant

By David Wise

Through Fatherhood FIRE (which stands for Family Focused, Interconnected, Resilient, Essential), Family Wellness staff work with fathers, couples and co-parents to ensure that every child is raised in a safe and nurturing environment so they can be healthy throughout their life. The program provides dads, moms, partners and families with free education, resources and support through services in community settings and one-on-one phone calls.

Participants in the Fatherhood FIRE program enroll in 12 classes to learn positive parenting practices.

Joseph Banks of Fayetteville was the first dad to complete all 12 classes since the program launched earlier this year.

“The program definitely helped me learn how to be a better father,” Banks said. “Being a dad is not easy – it’s always going to be hard – but you can do it if you get the help you need. It’s important for me to be the best father I can be because I never had a real father in my life, and I want to do better than they did.”

Classes are available virtually and in-person throughout Northwest Arkansas. Participants learn about effective communication, positive discipline, emotional management, men’s health and more.

“I am thrilled to see our first father complete the program,” said CHR program director Hershell West. “Fatherhood can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. Our team is here to help every father figure be the best dad they can be.”

Community health workers in the UAMS CHR Family Wellness programs are available to assist individuals and families through clinical navigation, education, case management and home visiting. Services are available in English, Spanish and Marshallese.

If you would like to enroll or learn more about the UAMS CHR Family Wellness program, complete this interest form here.