IT Security Tightens to Prevent ‘Zoombombing’

By Ben Boulden

In addition to these changes, several defaults are being set for all new meetings. Please review any currently scheduled meetings and consider enabling the options below. These defaults can be changed during the creation of the meeting:

  • Participants’ microphones are muted when joining the meeting.
  • Participants’ video is off when joining the meeting.
  • Only host can share screen. The host can assign a user as a co-host temporarily so they can share their screen if needed.
  • Participants cannot join before host. Participants will be in a waiting area until admitted.
  • Meeting ID set to Generate Automatically

During a meeting, the host can immediately disable screen sharing and mute all participants by selecting the security button along the bottom zoom toolbar.

Best practices to keep meetings secure include utilizing these settings and, when possible, only allow authenticated users. It is also recommended that an alternate host be named for meetings to provide a second person to be able to assist with security management.

The UAMS Zoom Support team is available to assist with these and other Zoom questions you may have.

For detailed instructions for implementing security, go to this link or contact

NOTE: When using a personal Zoom account, you should also follow these best practices to prevent bad actors from scanning for open meetings.