February MVP — Wayne Lee

By Ben Boulden

Wayne is a Patient Services Associate in the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute’s Child Diagnostic Unit 5 South. In the course of his work, he puts into practice the UAMS values of being polite, friendly, respectful, thoughtful, optimistic and compassionate. Here is what his nominator wrote:

Wayne Lee does not like to admit it and take credit for his actions, but he runs the General Unit on the CDU as a PSA, Monday-Friday. When Mr. Wayne is on the unit his presence is well known by all. The patients tend to listen better and follow direction more easily when Mr. Wayne is here due to his approach to the kids. Mr. Wayne goes above and beyond to help all of the children on this unit.

There are so many examples that we could give but one particular event comes to mind.  We admitted a child on the unit who was struggling with keeping his glasses and mask on at the same time.  As many are aware glasses tend to fog up when wearing a mask and this was causing extreme irritability for this child.  Multiple staff attempted to teach the child how to adjust the glasses and mask so they would not fog up anymore.  The patient became more irritable about the situation at hand, so Mr. Wayne allowed time for the patient to take a few minutes in his room to calm himself. He was able to communicate in a way that this patient could understand about how to just wear the mask and not the glasses because the eyeglasses were only for reading.  It must have been Wayne’s compassion or his easy going nature, but this child was very receptive, was able to process the conversation and rejoined the group activity in the dayroom.   

One example includes him bringing in shoes for the children on the CDU.  Mr. Wayne always takes note if the kids have torn shoes upon admission.  He goes above and beyond to find shoes for these kids either through searching through our clothing closets or helping to gather community donations to our clothing closets here in PRI. No matter the age or diagnosis, Mr. Wayne initiates conversations with the children about life choices. He discusses positive outlooks on life, and encourages the kids to always strive to make better choices. Mr. Wayne has the confidence and capability in helping to de-escalate aggressive patients and he takes the needs of the unit seriously. As soon as the kids see him, they just calm down. I honestly believe he commands that kind of respect on the unit, and the kids just see it. 

He strives every day to provide structure, safe and effective care to our children because he knows in the end all the benefits that come from it for our kids. Thank you, Mr. Wayne Lee for all that you do for us and with us. You are truly appreciated by all of us here in the CDU!      

UAMS will recognize Wayne in several ways as this month’s MVP. Look for his photo on the Employee Appreciation Wall outside the Chancellor’s Suite in the Central Building. He will receive free parking for a month in any of the parking decks. A Faces of UAMS video will feature him, and we’re giving him some great UAMS swag. At the next meeting of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, Wayne receive a certificate and monetary award. UAMS also will honor him and other awardees at the year-end MVP luncheon.

Watch the Faces of UAMS video profile of Wayne.

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