Virtual Art Workshop Honors Women’s History Month

By Kalee Sexton

The event was planned by the Diversity and Inclusion Engagement subcommittee.

Lakisha Bradley, a licensed counselor and owner of My T by Design therapeutic art studio, created a coloring book for the event that participants accessed digitally. Initially, she was going to create one piece of art, but she decided to collaborate with different artists to create a book.

“Everyone’s story is different, unique and beautiful, so I wanted to create a unique coloring book and experience,” she said.

The book featured images of women and flowers, and across the top of each page were the words, “Bloom where I am planted.”

“Plant the seed and watch it grow. You are growing. Every day is a new beginning, a new journey, a new day,” Bradley said.

She urged participants to connect to their creations, saying it was ok to color outside the lines.

“This piece of artwork that you are creating is part of you and part of your story, and your story matters,” she said.

Everyone is a representation of their own art, Bradley said, which she believes is the highest form of human expression. She encouraged women to take time to relax and reset through conversation and creation.

“Today is about pouring back into you,” she said.

Bradley asked participants to share something they love about themselves. She wanted women to take an internal look and get to know themselves just a little better. “Pause,” “reflect” and “reset” were three words she repeated, urging women to see their value and know their worth.

She wanted women to truly think about how much time they spend caring for themselves, emphasizing that self-care should not be put on the backburner.

“Sometimes wearing many different hats causes women to let go of themselves in order to fill everyone else’s cup,” she said. “What are we choosing to do for ourselves?”

Simple things like taking a long bath, using aromatherapy or listening to calming music can all help reset a person’s mind.

“Self-care is saying, ‘I choose to love me.’ It’s not about being strong all the time. It’s ok to say, ‘I’m going to go ahead and do something for me today,’” she said.

Inspirational music videos that played at different points throughout the presentation allowed participants time to listen to the music and just color, reflect and relax.

“When you choose to rest and restore your energy, your light shines brighter. It stands out and allows for people in dark places to see,” she said.

At the end of the hour, she reminded participants that they are welcome to finish the coloring book and use it as a reminder to take time for themselves as they take care of others.

For a copy of the Providing Healing and Promoting Hope coloring book, click here.

To listen to the playlist and watch the inspirational music videos shown in the virtual event, click here.