May MVP — Jim Jones

By Ben Boulden

Jim noticed something was wrong. My paperwork was not ‘normal,’ I was late for work, which I’m never late. Told him at shift change while exchanging normal pleasantries I had a rough night.

While talking to me on the phone he expressed concern for my health. I was in the middle of having a stroke. Jim recognized the symptoms and became my “guiding voice while in the midst of the fog.”

While I had no business driving, Jim guided me to the office and the moment I showed up he pulled me out of my vehicle and put me in his vehicle and drove me to the ED, where the stroke was confirmed.

I was admitted and days later released to return home and to work, with little deficits. If it wasn’t for his calm voice guiding me to the office and taking me to the ED, the outcome most likely would have been much different as I would have delayed seeking treatment.

Jim truly potentially saved my life and me and my wife are eternally grateful for his actions that night.

UAMS will recognize Jim in several ways as this month’s MVP. Look for his photo on the Employee Appreciation Wall outside the Chancellor’s Suite in the Central Building. He will receive free parking for a month in any of the parking decks. A Faces of UAMS video will feature him, and we’re giving him some great UAMS swag. At one of the chancellor’s cabinet meetings, Jim will receive a certificate and monetary award. The university also will honor him and other awardees at the year-end MVP luncheon.

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