Jones Eye Institute Residents Dominate ASCRS Conference with 10 Presentations

By Benjamin Waldrum

Held each year, the annual ASCRS meeting focuses on therapeutic, surgical and administrative topics through a series of lectures, workshops, courses and skills transfer labs to help anterior segment surgeons, practice managers, administrators, technicians and nurses maintain and refine their clinical and administrative skills.

“We are lucky to have residents that are active in state of the art research,” said Paul Phillips, M.D., Jones Eye Institute director and chair of the UAMS Department of Opthalmology in the College of Medicine. “This work will save sight and reduce blindness for patients, both locally, nationally, and internationally.”

Among the presenters were Muhammad Shamim, M.D.; Michalis Georgiou, M.D., Ph.D.; Aric Clegg, M.D.; Ahmed Shakarchi, M.D., MPH; Abdelrahman Elhusseiny, M.D.; Zain Chauhan; Zia Siddiqui, M.D.; Heather Broyles, D.O.; Reem ElSheikh; Sayena Jabbehdari, M.D., MPH; Philip Dockery, M.D., MPH; and residency director Ahmed Sallam, M.D., Ph.D.

Their projects were:

  • Shamim: “Tips for Capsulorrhexis (And Mistakes to Avoid).”
  • Georgiou, Clegg and Sallam: “Outcomes of retroillumination-assisted cataract surgery in combined cataract/vitrectomy cases.”
  • Shakarchi: “Risk of Pseudophakic Cystoid Macular Edema in Fellow Eye Cataract Surgeries.”
  • Elhusseiny, Chauhan and Sallam: “Feasibility and Cost Effectiveness of Local Anesthesia for Vitreoretinal Surgery.”
  • Siddiqui, Broyles, Elhusseiny and Sallam: “Resident Cataract Surgery: Intraoperative Complication Rates and Refractive Outcomes.”
  • Elhusseiny, ElSheikh et al.: “Relationship between screen time and dry eye symptoms in pediatric population during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  • Elhusseiny et al.: “Topical cenegermin for pediatric neurotrophic keratopathy.”
  • Jabbehdari: “Visual Outcomes and Postoperative Complications of Eyes with Posterior Capsule Rupture during Cataract Surgery: a Multi-Center Database Study.”
  • Dockery: “Corneal Crosslinking for Progressive Keratoconus: a Retrospective Analysis of 514 Consecutive Eyes.”
  • Dockery: “Clinical Presentation of Progressive Keratoconus and Treatment Outcomes of Corneal Crosslinking by Race.”

ASCRS is an international educational society with ophthalmic surgeons at every career stage. Its mission is to empower anterior segment surgeons to improve the vision, outcomes and quality of life for their patients through innovative approaches to education, advocacy and philanthropy. For more information, visit