January MVP — Toby Belknap

By Ben Boulden

Dr. Belknap, known by his patients and staff as Dr. ‘B’, is a role model for excellence that many of our staff aspire to be. His gift for teaching patients, parents, and staff in a manner that is collaborative and respectful is highly valued.

Dr. B proves excellence in teamwork through his hands-on approach to patient care. Dr. B collaborates with staff at all levels of care and values input from each member of the team when developing and adjusting the treatment plan for each patient. Dr. B regularly starts his day on the unit right after the change of shift to gain insight from each shift. Dr. B is quick to respond and help staff in acute situations to help de-escalate aggressive patient behaviors.

Dr. Belknap’s compassion and dedication for our patients is clear when he spends extra time designing ‘room time’ activities for our patients that are tailored to each one’s specific likes and abilities.

Dr. B took it upon himself to develop a nighttime ‘wind down’ activity chart for the patient. This activity had a successful patient outcome and is used to this day for our patients who struggle with bedtime routines. Many staff in the Child Diagnostic Unit believe Dr. ‘B’ is fulfilling his calling for the patients and staff.

UAMS will recognize Toby in several ways as this month’s MVP. Look for his photo on the Employee Appreciation Wall outside the Chancellor’s Suite in the Central Building. A Faces of UAMS video will feature him, and he will receive some great UAMS swag. At one of the chancellor’s cabinet meetings, leadership will present to Toby a certificate and monetary award and honor him and other awardees at the year-end MVP luncheon.

Do you know someone who should be the next MVP? If you have someone you’d like to nominate, please visit go.uams.edu/mvp/ and fill out the form.

Please congratulate Toby for being our MVP of the Month!