Lambda Nu Chapter Inducts 35 New Members

By Ben Boulden

Students and faculty who participated in the ceremony are in programs in the College of Health Professions Department of Radiation & Imaging Sciences on the Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas campuses. The department is comprised of the three divisions: The Division of Radiologic Imaging Sciences (RIS), the Division of Nuclear Medicine Imaging Sciences (NMIS) and the Division of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)

“Your academic aptitude and commitment to your profession have set you apart – have made you worthy of this distinction. It is these same attributes – aptitude and commitment that will likely set you apart in your career field,” College of Health Professions Dean Susan Long, Ed.D., said during the ceremony. “Your leadership is crucial for further developing your professions and for upholding the highest level of ethics and professionalism.”

Megan Lane, MHA, RT(R)(CT), RDMS, RVT, is the Lambda Nu faculty advisor and an assistant professor and clinical coordinator in the department’s DMS Program.

“Your goal is to share with others the art and science behind what we do as imaging professionals,” Lori Kimbrow said. “We don’t push buttons, wave wands or pull patients around. We gather data through diagnostic imaging and therapeutic interventions. We enlist the trust of our patients and gain their cooperation to ensure the best quality images and that the least harm to our patients is done. We practice an art and a science.”

Kimbrow, M.Ed., RDMS, RVT, RDCS, is Lambda Nu faculty representative on the Northwest Arkansas campus and an assistant professor and assistant clinical coordinator in the department’s DMS program.

“Since taking over the Lambda Nu Student organization in 2019, one of my biggest goals as the Chapter Advisor was to bring all three programs together, on both campuses, to work toward community service, scholarship, and professional success,” Lane said.

She, Megan Lane, and Dean Long all congratulated the students on their induction along with the other faculty members in attendance. The other faculty members who spoke were:

  • Summer Khairi, MBA, CNMT, NMTCB(CT) – Lambda Nu faculty representative on the Little Rock campus, assistant professor and program director in the Nuclear Medicine Imaging Sciences Program.
  • Emily Sparkman, B.S., RT(R)(VI) – Lambda Nu faculty representative on the Little Rock campus, instructor – Radiological Imaging Sciences Program.
  • Tessa Ramsey, B.S., RT(R)(MR) — Lambda Nu faculty representative Northwest Arkansas campus, instructor – Radiological Imaging Sciences Program.

Students inducted were:

Radiologic Imaging Sciences — Lambda Nu

  1. Megan Andino
  2. Ashley Ansel
  3. Donna Phillips
  4. Colten Smith
  5. Brooklyn Cummings
  6. Joseph Holland
  7. Danielle Trenholm
  8. Megan Alley
  9. Ivy Gonzales

Diagnostic Medical Sonography — Lambda Nu

  1. Hope Hartle
  2. Mary McNabb
  3. Allie Nichols
  4. Karlie Ward
  5. Helen Wedaman
  6. Sarah Cluff
  7. Melanie Halfacre
  8. Madalyn Hogue
  9. Emilee Hunt
  10. Katherine Robertson
  11. Matilyn Everett
  12. Ashlyn Hightower
  13. Emily Roberts

Nuclear Medicine Imaging Sciences — Lambda Nu

  1. Kendra Deweese
  2. Larissa Dutton
  3. Laken Etherington
  4. Jordan Godbee
  5. Shelby Harmon
  6. Brian Jeans
  7. Magan McDaniel
  8. Ainsley Nasello
  9. Lucas Rotert
  10. Shivange Satishbhai
  11. Connor Sikes
  12. Kristin Tuggle
  13. Syan Tyler

The mission and purpose of Lambda Nu includes the following:

  • To foster academic scholarship and recognize exemplary scholarship.
  • To promote academic leadership.
  • To encourage service learning and mentorship.