UAMS Jones Eye Institute Ophthalmology Residency Program Rises to 9th Nationally in Research Output

By Benjamin Waldrum

The institute has 16 residency slots and ranked ahead of several larger ophthalmology programs, which can have up to double the number of residents. This year’s top 10 programs, listed with the number of residency slots, are:

  1. Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School (36)
  2. Johns Hopkins University (21)
  3. University of Michigan Health System (21)
  4. University of Pennsylvania Health System, Scheie Eye Institute (15)
  5. University of California San Francisco (15)
  6. UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Medical Center (24)
  7. University of Miami, Jackson Health System, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute (21)
  8. University of Southern California, Los Angeles General Medical Center (28)
  9. UAMS Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute (16)
  10. Duke University Hospital (24)

Doximity rankings are based in part on resident and alumni satisfaction. For research output, the service includes an index of publications made by alumni over the past decade, the ratio of current residents and recent graduates publishing research, as well as research grants awarded and participation in clinical trials.

The institute also moved into the top 50 programs nationally in reputation, rising to 44th this year after placing 54th in 2022. Director Paul Phillips, M.D., said he was extremely proud of the ranking, considering midsize programs are often at a disadvantage due to their smaller size.

“Our rating of ninth best in the nation in ophthalmologic research output is remarkable and is a testament to the excellence of our faculty, residents and staff,” Phillips said. “We are truly in league with the best in the world.”

Phillips thanked the institute’s faculty, residents, medical students and staff, as well as members of the research team, including residency director Ahmed Sallam, M.D., Ph.D., Sajida Chauhan, Alejandra Pelayo and Deborah Troillett, among many others.

Institute faculty and residents regularly make multiple presentations at national conferences. In addition to increased visibility for the residency program, the projects pursue myriad avenues of research into eye diseases, treatment and technology that further advance the profession.

The Jones Eye Institute has Arkansas’ only ophthalmology training program and includes a comprehensive curriculum that allows residents to benefit from broad clinical and surgical experiences. Its extensive faculty of subspecialist ophthalmologists makes it the region’s largest ophthalmologic specialty group. The institute has an active community-based faculty, allowing residents to develop close working relationships with generalists and specialists.