Duward Martin

By Ben Boulden

Duward Martin deserves the MVP award for his outstanding contributions to UAMS as a radiation therapist. He embodies the qualities essential for his role, profoundly impacting cancer patients’ lives.

Duward’s empathy, patience, and understanding shine through in his patient interactions. His compassionate approach provides much-needed comfort for very ill patients. I have not recalled a single patient he was unable to make laugh. Patients who require treatment years and years later still remember him because of this.

He goes above and beyond by patiently addressing patient concerns and offering emotional support when needed. His calming presence can relax even the most anxious of patients. Duward’s teamwork skills are exemplary. He collaborates seamlessly with the rest of the treatment team.

Duward Martin’s exceptional qualities and dedication to the well-being of cancer patients make him a deserving candidate for the MVP award. His empathy, communication skills, precision, teamwork, and adaptability make him a true asset to the healthcare community and a source of inspiration for all.

We will recognize Duward in several ways as this month’s MVP. Look for his photo on the Employee Appreciation Wall outside the Chancellor’s Suite in the Central Building. He will receive free parking for a month in any of the parking decks. A Faces of UAMS video will feature him, and he’ll receive some great UAMS swag. At one of the chancellor’s cabinet meetings, Duward will be presented with a certificate and monetary award. The university also will honor him and other awardees at the year-end MVP luncheon.

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Please congratulate Duward for being our MVP of the Month!