Nurse Passionate About Success, Impact of UAMS Myeloma Center

By Kev' Moye

A 2001 graduate of the UAMS College of Nursing, Brown quickly learned about myeloma as the center opened shortly after she was hired by the institute. In the early days, the center was in a trailer where research about myeloma, and administering of the various treatments, took place.

“Drugs that are now standard care for our patients were research protocols at that time,” she said. “I love how much we’ve evolved in terms of treatment for myeloma patients in 22 years. The things we now do are much more streamlined, easier on the patients.”

Brown vividly remembers working on the floor of the center, which by this time, was in the UAMS Ward Tower. Brown’s tenure on the floor helped her eventually transition into an APRN role.

“I was already familiar with myeloma, the treatments, side effects of the treatments, supportive care specific to myeloma,” she said. “However, sometimes I miss working on the floor, the caregiving part of nursing.”

“There are patients I took care of many years ago who are still in touch with me,” Brown said. “There are also family members of our patients who still keep in touch with me.”

Brown sometimes sheds tears when thinking of patients who are now deceased.

“With all the new treatments and options, I wish they would’ve survived a little longer,” she said. “We now have more treatments that would’ve helped them overcome myeloma.”