College of Pharmacy Pinning Ceremony Recognizes Third-Year Students

By Benjamin Waldrum

Ceremonies were held on the UAMS Little Rock campus and UAMS Northwest Regional Campus, recognizing a total of 87 students from the College of Pharmacy Class of 2025. The annual tradition marks the end of in-class instruction for pharmacy students.

Stowe and Hollowell

Third-year pharmacy student Nicholas Hollowell (right) receives his pin from Dean Cindy Stowe, Pharm.D.Evan Lewis

Dean Cindy Stowe, Pharm.D., welcomed the students and faculty present, as well as a packed house of friends and family members. Addressing the class, she told them to be “practice-ready.”

“You may think that you’re not ready for this, but I want to assure you that you have the foundational knowledge, expertise and skills to do this work,” Stowe said. “I know you’re ready for this challenge, and I’m confident that you’ll excel. Embrace that feeling of being just a little bit uncomfortable and stretch yourself as much as possible. I know it’ll pay off.”

For their fourth and final year of pharmacy school, students will apply skills and knowledge from three years of coursework to patient care as they begin advanced practice rotations.

“Class of 2025, we are thrilled to celebrate your transition from didactic curriculum to experiential curriculum as you engage in direct patient care. You’ve come a long way,” said Ashok Philip, Ph.D., associate dean of student services.

Alanna Bramwell-Shittu, a fourth-year pharmacy student, served as emcee. Philip read the names of each student as they stepped on stage to receive small envelopes containing their commemorative pin.

The Arkansas Pharmacists Association sponsored this year’s ceremony, with President James Bethea, Pharm.D., attending in Little Rock and CEO John Vinson, Pharm.D., attending in Fayetteville to welcome and congratulate the students. Both are College of Pharmacy alumni.

“It seemed just like yesterday that I was sitting in your shoes, and it’s been 30 years,” Bethea said. “I would encourage you to soak in every opportunity you can to learn, because it’s going to fly by. Just realize that most likely one of those rotations that you have this year will be your first job. I am proud for you. Congratulations, and see you out there in the workforce and the APA.”

COP Hernandez Keynote

Michelle Hernandez, COP ’23, was keynote speaker and shared tips with students on how to approach their fourth-year rotations with an open mind.Evan Lewis

Michelle Hernandez, Pharm.D., was the keynote speaker for the ceremony and shared some “pearls” of advice from her rotations. Hernandez is a 2023 College of Pharmacy graduate and first-year pharmacy resident at UAMS Medical Center.

“I think it’s important to recognize that this is not just another milestone but also a gateway to your professional careers,” Hernandez said. “These rotations will test your knowledge, your skills and your commitment to patient care, but they are also a time to learn what interests you, and to determine the qualities you seek in your future career.”

Hernandez offered her list of do’s and don’ts for rotations: remember to ask for help, take initiative and show enthusiasm, and don’t be passive or make assumptions. She emphasized the value of building relationships while on rotation.

“Focus on your relationships with others because these connections can open doors to future opportunities and enrich your professional career,” Hernandez said. “Recognize that each rotation will bring you one step closer to becoming a pharmacist.”

Student ambassadors who coordinated the events at both sites are Kylee Lyons, Emma Turner, Maraam Zonfuly, Scarlett Averett, Bailey Theriot, Abigale Sullins, Avery Hawkins, Taylor Bandala, Lauren Harrell, Desiree Furlow, Ciara Helms, Hayden Wood, Jordae Hunter, Lousie Moore, Shira Hendrix, Evelyn McHaney, Alex Langston, Kori Hopek, Will Johnson, Roshan Patel, Halle Rich and Bailey Tagupa.

College of Pharmacy Class of 2025

Khudija Aftab

Reem Al Farah

Esmeralda Almaras

Jessica Allred

Monica Badillo Velez

Kaitlyn Beavers

Pavneet Bhullar

Addison Black

Jasmine Block

Hayden Brown

Bonnie Champion

Cody Clements

Tanner Clements

Emily Coffman

Thomas Craig

Ashlyn Crawford

Alexis Crutchfield

Lora Davis

Morgan Davis

Peyton Dodd

Austin Dorman

Madison Everett

Chelsea Flowers

Jordan Fryman

Manuel Gamboa

Dorian Gwinn

Jared Hailey

Hayley Hedrick

Alexander Heringer

Miya Hoang

Nicholas Hollowell

Erh Hsu

Hayden Hyman

Fawn Jackson

Sequintia Jones

Katherine Junkersfeld

Alicia Kalinowsky

Rawan Kattom

Macy Kottler

Miranda Lamb

Katherine LeJeune

Linda Leonhard

Abby Loyd

Emmanuela Lum


Kayla Matlock

Rachel McClellan

Alexa Menzies

Neelie Minor

Claire Mosley

Jordan Myers

Gaurav Ohol

Jennifer Portillo

Jenae Powell

Michael Price

Blake Pschier

Priya Rana

Jordan Reed

Michael Rickels

Olgaaurora Rodriguez

John Roland

Mitchell Rotenberry

Mohamad Salamah

Paloma Salazar

Megan Sander

Jazmine Scoggins

Garrett Seal

Jessica Shapard

Reed Shaw

Anuj Singh

Clayton Smith

Kennedy Smith

Makenna Steele

Madison Tate

Szarria Thomas

Jett Tilley

Jordan Turner

Meredith Vaught

Carlea Vickers

Rilie Vote

Morgan Wadkins

Meagan Wallace

Morgan Ware

William Webb

Mariny Whitworth

Alaina Willcutt

Leslie Williams

Kendall Wilson