MVP of the Month

January 11, 2021

January MVP — Sharon Martin

Ben Boulden

Sharon Martin, MVP for January

Congratulations to Sharon Martin, our January MVP of the Month. Sharon is a research coordinator for the UAMS Rural Research Network within the Translational Research Institute (TRI). This is what her nominator has to say: Sharon is based at UAMS East Regional Campus, Helena-West Helena. On Nov. 4, she was calling potential research participants about…

December 10, 2020

December MVP — Deborah Hutts

Yavonda Chase

Deborah Hutts is the MVP of the Month for December. She works as a clinical services manager.

Congratulations to Deborah Hutts, our December MVP of the Month. Hutts is a clinical services manager who has been with the COVID triage unit since its inception.

November 5, 2020

November MVP — Keira Webb

Yavonda Chase

Keira Webb is the November MVP of the Month.

Congratulations to Keira Webb, our November MVP of the Month!
Webb works as a Campus Environmental Services housekeeper, a position she has only held for a few months. In that time, she has impressed her co-workers with her diligence and attention to detail.

October 7, 2020

October MVP — Shaun Jenkins

Yavonda Chase

Shaun Jenkins is the October MVP of the Month. Congratulations, Shaun!

Congratulations to Shaun Jenkins, our October MVP of the Month!

September 8, 2020

September MVP — Adam Carter

Yavonda Chase

Adam Carter, manager of the UAMS Fitness Center, is the September MVP of the Month.

Congratulations to Adam Carter, our September MVP of the Month!

August 6, 2020

August MVP — Alex Morris

Yavonda Chase

Alex Morris is the MVP of the Month for August.

Congratulation to Alex Morris, our August MVP of the Month!

Morris, an access coordinator at the UAMS Northeast Regional Campus in Jonesboro, is always willing to pitch in wherever needed.

June 15, 2020

June MVP — Kanisha Griswold

Yavonda Chase

Kanisha Griswold is the June MVP of the Month!

Congratulations to Kanisha Griswold, our June MVP of the Month! A medical assistant in Head and Neck Oncology in the Cancer Institute, Kanisha is a perfect example of what it means to go above and beyond.

May 18, 2020

May MVP — Leigh Wade

Yavonda Chase

Leigh Wade

Congratulations to Leigh Wade, our May MVP of the Month!
Leigh is a licensed certified social worker who works at the Northwest Regional Campus. Her embodiment of our core values goes far beyond her work in the clinic and residency program.

April 17, 2020

April MVPs — Team UAMS

Yavonda Chase

This month, we recognize Team UAMS. YOU are this month's MVP!

It wasn’t possible to select one person as April’s MVP. ALL of you have done amazing, heroic work these past few weeks. So this month, we are recognizing all of Team UAMS as the MVP of the Month. Thank you for everything YOU are doing to care for Arkansans during this COVID-19 pandemic.

March 6, 2020

March MVPs — Greg Roberts and Tara Bruce

Yavonda Chase

Chancellor Cam Patterson, M.D., MBA, presents the March MVP award to Greg Roberts and Tara Bruce in Nutrition Services.

Congratulations to Greg Roberts and Tara Bruce, our March MVPs of the Month!

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