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July 27, 2020

San Francisco Woman Finds Help for Complex Surgery

Katrina Dupins

Bressie & Suen

Claudia Bressie’s tumor was non-cancerous, but it was aggressive and dangerous. Months of consultations at top universities and treatments proved ineffective for the San Francisco woman, until her journey brought her to UAMS. It began in 2017 when Bressie started having swelling, popping and clicking around her jaw. The discomfort grew from there to what…

February 1, 2019

First Act After Hearing Loss Surgery: Propose to Fiancé

Amy Widner

Chad King playing the piano

“Yes” was the first word Chad King of Redfield wanted to hear when he got his cochlear implant. “On the day my implant was activated, I went home and proposed to her,” King said. “I wanted to be able to hear her say ‘yes’ to me.” King’s girlfriend, Jamie, did, indeed, agree to become his…

January 7, 2019

After Years of ‘No’ Elsewhere, Patient Finds Hope with James Suen, M.D.

Amy Widner

Doctor with patient in hospital bed

Hailey Dougherty, 17, of Beverly Hills, California, remembers crying from constant pain she was too young to even understand. She didn’t know it yet, but blood vessels were growing out of control and pressing against her 8-year-old brain. “She would just cry from the time she got up until the time she went to bed,”…

September 20, 2018

UAMS Family Medicine Update Set for Oct. 25-27

Linda Haymes

The 22nd annual Family Medicine Update at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) will offer continuing education for physicians, nurses and pharmacists Oct. 25-27, including a half-day emphasis on ear, nose and throat topics. A discounted early registration price of $330 for three days or $250 for two days is available through Oct….

July 10, 2018

Little Rock Musician: Surgery ‘Changed My Whole Life’

Katrina Dupins

Paul Campbell

July 10, 2018 | As a musician, 37-year-old Paul Campbell generally keeps a busy schedule. If he’s not playing live music with a band, he’s producing in a studio, instructing students as an adjunct professor at Arkansas Baptist College or serving as a career coach at the University of Arkansas Pulaski Tech. Campbell even took…

August 24, 2017

Fiberoptic Scope Procedure Shines Light on Baby Swallowing

Amy Widner

Family with baby

Aug. 24, 2017 | All parents closely monitor their babies in the first weeks of life for milestones: he grabs your finger; she gazes into your eyes; he starts responding to noises. But in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), baby’s first milestones take on even more meaning. They can be a sign of the…

April 3, 2017

Bony Sinus Tumor Removed Without a Single Cut

Katrina Dupins

April 3, 2017 | Mary Neal French went in for surgery to remove a bony tumor from her sinus last September and woke up to find the tumor gone. But her surgeon didn’t have to make a single cut. French said she began having headaches with a lot of pressure in July. She believed it…

August 13, 2015

The Muse Sings Again


“In 20 years of singing, I’ve never had anything like this happen,” said Deleen Davidson, a lyric soprano, formerly with the New Orleans Opera. Deleen, who now heads up The Muses Creative Artistry Project in Hot Springs, began to experience sinus and allergy problems in November, but within weeks her laugh changed, her speaking voice…

August 12, 2015

Gray’s Anomaly: A Source of Empowerment


“I’ll trim it so it’s not so bulky,” James Y. Suen, M.D., said as he folded, then snipped a tiny edge of gauze off before he placed it on his patient’s right jaw. He has cared for 23-year-old Jasmine Gray ever since she was 11 when she traveled from Memphis, Tenn. to see him after…

August 10, 2015

UAMS Ear Specialist Hits the Right Note for Harpist


After 15 years of a recurring ear problem, Beth Stockdell was skeptical when told that a doctor at UAMS could help her. She had seen ear, nose and throat doctors since 1995 to relieve the pain and pressure of her right ear, which “popped” and never recovered after a cold in 1994. The only treatment…

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