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 2020  Feb 

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CE Event, Feb. 27: 201E -- Facilitator Skills & IPE Event Design
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I Dodd Wilson, Room 115 A/B
Teach the Teacher Symposium, Feb. 28: 'Promoting Growth in Teaching and Learning'
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I. Dodd Wilson Room 115 A/B
Geriatric Grand Rounds, March 3, 'Naloxone: Formulations, Availability, and When to Talk to Patient'
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Jo Ellen Ford Auditorium Institute on Aging
CE Event, March 3: Connecting Across Professions -- 'Opioids: Friend or Foe'
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Shorey 5/25 or access remotely
CE Event, March 4: 'Impact of the Gut Microbiota on Cancer Development: Prevention vs Promotion'
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Sam Walton Auditorium 10th floor of Cancer Institute